Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MireyHiroki 100 Umbrella "LOVE & PEACE" Project

Internationally renown collaborative group MireyHiroki is attempting to raise awareness of mass consumption with their installation using 100 vinyl umbrellas. In Japan, approximately 130 million umbrellas are imported every year, including 50 - 60 million vinyl ones (according to 2005 statistics). Most vinyl umbrellas are sold at every convenience store and considered to be "disposable". This, of course is leading to a serious environmental problem. MireyHIROKI calls for end to this mentality for the sake of our future. We brought this awareness of just simply throwing umbrellas away! This project has been very successful in Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan and we just introduced this new style of environmental movement first time in US between September 5th ~ 7th, 2008.
Message from MireyHIROKI

This is a great honor to have our first show “100UMBRELLAS Love & Peace Project” in Seattle Washington, USA.

Currently this “100 Umbrellas” project has been exceptionally received in Japan. Our mission is to use a city (City of Seattle) as a big canvas for our project to help spread awareness of the importance of people united to participate worldwide in recycling and conservation, and we would like to have all people who volunteer to spread the word not just in Japan but worldwide.

The reason behind this project is that we were shocked to find out how many umbrellas were disposed of in Japan.

We consider this is a small step from Japan over a big pond to Seattle Washington, USA to share global awareness of environmental concerns. This is our quest to protect our Mother Earth. This is a “worldwide community” problem to solve together.

In my heart it would be a mistake not to enlist the support of my brothers and sisters worldwide in this important venture.

By informing other countries of the environmental problems that exist in our sphere of the world, we hope to bring about awareness to others of the plight of these very important concerns to all. We would hope by bringing about the awareness of the global concern, people around the world will take actions that will mitigate the problem and bring about a cleaner and safer environment for all to enjoy.

The process of informing people about the problem is through the eyes of the artists. It is with this medium that we will visually explore the environmental impacts to our world.

We encourage the people of the world to promote the process that establishes the major changes to this global environmental concern and “jump on to the wave” of excitement to create a better environment for all.

Individuals through their creativity are promoting this process, have a sensitivity and balance to promote this project because of MireyHIROKI. The artists who’s dedication has inspired the movement for all to enjoy.

The unity of this project with Japan and USA is the beginning of a wonderful and creative imagination by us involved to benefit the people of the world.

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