Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1st Annual Entrepreneurial Women's International Tradeshow

Our Seattle tradeshow was for entrepreneurial women (and men) seeking greater access to international markets in a growing global economy. This 1st Annual Entrepreneurial Women’s International Tradeshow provided unique opportunities to; 1) Introduce innovative products, 2)Gain feedback from entrepreneurial women colleagues regarding business structures, strategies, and products, 3)Expand access to international business markets, 4)Access direct consumer product feedback and response via your product display booths, 5)Explore partnering with other complementary entrepreneurial women’s enterprises, 6)Share your joy, pride in achievement and future aspirations at our “Entrepreneurial Women’s Circle” closing celebration.

Our tradeshow was held on afternoon of Saturday September 6, 2008 at Seattle’s prestigious Colombia Tower Club, “Atop” Seattle’s tallest skyscraper. Our Ballroom provides the finest panoramic views of Seattle’s urban geography, the Puget Sound and both the Cascade and Olympic mountain rangers. Accompany seminar & workshop were spread out over the 3 day conference period.

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